“A few months ago I found myself undergoing several complex situations, both laboural and personal. I started seeking professional help to work on these aspects of my life and try to find a light at the end of the tunnel. I had several sessions with a psychologist but to no avail. I went on looking a little more and found Leticia’s profile. Her experience in large corporations immediately caught my attention. This enabled her to deeply understand the hardships and obstacles in this field, as well as the tools to develop and results tracking in order to achieve the targets I was aiming for. Read more

Dominique Ballesteros

“My sessions with Leticia have been much more than just sessions. They marked a milestone in my life and I will definitely see her again. She helped me not only during our incredibly revealing and transforming sessions, but even at this moment I keep on using her techniques in my daily life, and these are tools I can have at hand forever. Read more

Esperanza P.R.

“The truth is that in the beginning I thought coaching sessions were only going to be focusing on aspects of my professional life, such as leadership or how to optimize relationships to increase productivity. And yes, we dedicated part of the first session to identify situations that were critical or could be further improved in the laboural environment, but on the rest of the sessions we basically treated personal matters that I put on the table during our second meeting. I was experiencing a moment of great emotional charge back then and there was nothing else on my mind than the problem you well know of.. Read more

Head of the Engineering AreaPONS

Gabriel C.P., Head of the Engineering AreaPONS

“I started my sessions with a bit of concern being this coaching an offer by the corporation I work with and I didn’t exactly know what it would be about nor what subjects we were going to address. The truth is you didn’t impose any conditions and gave me total freedom and confidence to talk about everything I needed to, either professional or personal. I think all aspects of our life are imprinted with our personality and the way we conduct ourselves and, therefore if we work to improve them it will surely have an effect on everything we do. So I decided to get into more personal matters that I was concerned about after you made me realize that any work we could do in this sense would be of benefit in all other areas of my life.. Read more

Cristina G.M., Head of the Alicante OfficePONS

“Leticia es un “Bálsamo” para el alma, un ser especial que guía y acompaña en la difícil tarea de la vida, coge tus manos y sentimientos y los acompaña por caminos tranquilos y esperanzadores. Yo destacaría en Leticia el suministro de herramientas para ayudar en ese camino personal… Es una Maestra y una guía excepcional.”

Diana M. Martínez S.