Leticia Morales

  • Specialized coach in emotional training, and social and communication skills.
  • Quantum Bioenergetics techniques to restore, the body’s energy balance, and harmonize emotional and physical health.
  • Emotional self-awareness.
  • Self-esteem and self-assessment.
  • NLP certified by Meta International with Frank Pucelik
  • Certified Coach as approved by ICF and ASESCO
  • Certified in Emotional Competences and Skills by Paul Ekman
  • Trained in Effective Life Changes by Tony Robbins
  • Quantic Bio-energy Techniques

When I finally concluded that the wounds triggered in me were actually mine, I decided to take responsibility for them and attend to them.

Why did I choose to change my professional life and start guiding (-coaching-accompanying) other people ?

Simply, because I know every inch of the path of deep pain a person goes through, when they do not understand what is going on in their lives.

What they feel down in those depths of pain, the twinge of anguish in the middle of the chest, the intense crying…

That dark well of saddening thoughts, which they don’t know how to come out of anymore.

At first I thought that the root of my sorrow was external to me.

That the “faults and weaknesses” were somebody else’s…

But after racking my brains, I concluded that the wounds triggered in me were actually mine.

I decided to take responsibility for them and attend to them.

After several years of therapy, workshops, week-end retreats and lots of meditation trying to get to know myself, I finally understood what was really occurring to me – the “motives”.

And most of all, the route I had to take to leave the “old” Leticia behind and create the “new” Leticia.

I then felt “the calling” to accompany ( guide ) others to prevent their lives from going to waste in sufferings, which can eventually be overcome.

And help them create a pleasant, serene and full new life for themselves with a wise, open and calm heart.

Therefore, the successful outcome of a lifetime full of challenges and learnings is now put at your service, along with my training with the best professionals in the field of human growth and development.

And most importantly: the love, respect, consistency and devotion I feel for the work I do.

This is an invitation to rewrite and create your own story.

Let me be your guide, companion and support along this journey to the inner you.

A journey which will help you discover the treasures locked up inside you.

It is time for you to assume the helm of your own life and steer the ship onto the destination you choose, with compromise, enthusiasm and joy.

Contact me.

I really am excited for us to start this work together.

My very best regards and wishes



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Couples Coaching

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The Journey

The first and most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. To reconnect and re-establish it we need to change the course 180 degrees, from the outer world to inner one.

Embark on the most revealing and precious journey of your life. Discover how to live every day with serenity and clarity. You will feel more energetic, motivated, confident and assured. you, will be able to take responsibility for your own emotions, recognize them in yourself and in others, and take decisions without affective dependencies.

F Pucelik, co-creator NLP



Frank Pucelik Award,

Social Transformer 2021


I do remember the moment of her arrival some 30 years ago, gifted with talents in the field of intuition, feeling for language and organization. Leticia finds inspiration by many things like culture, literature and nature. Professional appearance and excellent manners characterize her working life.

Leticia knows how it feels in front of a border wall but also gained experiences how to cross a border or how borders start disappearing; physical by the means of countries or continents but also mental or spiritual. Large parts of her life are about mutability, change and transition. Leticia may accompany you by identifying and addressing different questions or other ideas become to emerge and flowing upwards

Martin Kohlert / Deutsche Bank