Relationships are at the core of almost everything anyone wishes to accomplish in life. We are whole beings. Nothing stands in isolation. So the relationship with oneself is the first and most important one we all have.

How much do you allow your inner “judge” to express itself? Do you give it more space than you do to yourself, to your own soul? We constantly criticize ourselves instead of supporting ourselves.

For instance, how do you face failure? Through self-deprecation? Or do you cheer and congratulate yourself and say to yourself: “results weren’t what we expected but congratulations on all the learning that we have extracted from this experience”.

If you do not act like this maybe next time you will set yourself up for failure before you even start anything new. For that habit of self-judgment makes you weak.

Thus it is necessary for you to know how to manage your own emotional world. You need to repair, reconnect and strengthen the relationship with your own self. And provided that no relationship is separated from the other, it also is necessary to check how the relationships with your family are – especially with your parents – and in your professional field as well.

Because even economic improvement is completely connected to this fundamental pyramid in every person’s life: first the relationship with yourself, then with your family and your professional environment. When there is a bad relationship with one of your parents all that unresolved energy is only making you weak. Furthermore it will also try to be energetically resolved with your partner (lover) creating thus affective dependence relationships due to unresolved experiences during childhood which you unconsciously project on your partner as a grown-up.

These memories trigger fear. resentment, emotional blockings, rejection and self-depreciation in our present.

The relationship with our partner ( lover ) gives us the opportunity to open the door to our emotional wounds, for this is the kind of relationship that can connect the most with them. If we learn how to use this opportunity we will grow a great deal as individuals and set the basis for a more harmonic and nurturing couple relationship, which will lead us to a life of well-being and mutual accompaniment.

Remember nothing is separated from us. We all are whole beings and our interrelationships can affect each other. If there is a flaw in one of them it will have an impact on the other two.

Using my method you can resolve all these debilitating energies to restore the energetic balance in your life, which will have an impact on your couple relationship as well as on your family and professional relationships. The tools I use for this process have very quick and effective results.

Contact me. Start discovering the hidden behavioural patterns in you which are sabotaging your intimate communication in your relationships. Repair and strengthen the relationship with yourself. Create resources from a newfound self-confidence to have healthy affective bonds and to generate authentic and nourishing relationships.

– Couples coaching usually takes 10 to 12 sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each.

– In the beginning, partners should attend 3 or 4 joint sessions followed by 4 or 5 individual 1 hour session for each one of them.

– The process ends with another 2 or 3 joint sessions.