Every day new challenges arise from computer (virtual) non-verbal communication.

Professional environment communication has changed. It is now carried out online among colleagues and managers at the office and besides, with clients, collaborators, suppliers, even family and friends.

To make a face-to-face presentation for a client or to express an idea in front of a work-team was a challenge sometimes. In spite of having thoroughly prepared yourself, you went blank, felt pain or stiffness in your neck or shoulders, or you suddenly lost your voice.

How can one create a pleasant environment during that communication that may not be seen but can be felt and sometimes be determined when making a decision?

There is another type of communication which can be seen but, we do not realize we are doing, through gestures we are not controlling and which others can perceive on the computer screen.


How can you be coherent (consistent), with what you are saying and the gestures you are making or not?

It does not matter how trained you are or how many languages you speak, if all your creative potential remains blocked in your within. If you do not know how to look at your listener, nor you feel that your confidence is strong inside of you, to show your talents and skills with truth and self-possession now that technology imposes over our interpersonal relationships.

The energy of your childhood unresolved emotional wounds triggers fear, resentment, blockings, rejection or self-depreciation in your present and, now more than ever you have the need to create a space for you to be seen and heard through your computer screen.

To achieve emotional autonomy through self-knowledge is fundamental for attaining harmonic relationships in all areas of our life. The primary basis is to re-establish the relationship with yourself, I am talking about reconnecting with your inner confidence and strength, which will eventually have a positive impact on your professional, family, sentimental, social and economic relationships.

Using my method we will detect the origin of your blocking and what it is that triggers the programs that underlie your unconscious.

Own and be responsible for your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and acquire resources and skills to express yourself with confidence, fluently and impact over the computer (virtually), or when we resume face-to-face relationships.

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