Today I am going to talk to you about relationships, which were my “Achilles’ heel”, the great challenges, the great learnings of my life, and the catapult that launched me into this profession to which I dedicate myself today.

Almost everything you want to achieve in life has to do with relationships in general, we are integral beings, nothing goes separately, so the first and most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

How much voice do you allow the inner judge inside you, do you give it more space, do you listen to it more than to yourself, more than to your heart, more than to your soul, we constantly criticise ourselves instead of supporting ourselves.

For example, how do you deal with a failure, through self-criticism, or do you encourage yourself, congratulate yourself, and say to yourself: the results were not what we expected, but congratulations for all the learning we got from here! if you do not do it like that, next time you will feel like a failure before you start something, because that attitude of self-judgment weakens you.

So, you need to know and manage your own emotional world first. You need to repair, reconnect, and strengthen the relationship with yourself.

And as no relationship is separate from the other, you also must see how your relationship with your family is, especially with your parents and your professional one, because even an economic improvement is totally connected and related to this primordial pyramid in the life of each person, the one you have first with yourself, then the family and the professional one.

When there is a bad relationship with one of the parents, all that unresolved energy not only weakens you, but it will try to be energetically resolved with the partner, and so relationships of affective dependence begin to be created, due to unresolved childhood experiences, and which in adulthood we unconsciously project onto the partner.

These memories are detonated in our present in the form of fears, resentments, blockages, rejection, or underestimation.

Relationships give us the opportunity to open the doors to our emotional wounds, since it is the relationship that most connects with them. If we know how to take advantage of these opportunities, we will grow a lot individually and lay the foundations for a harmonious and nourishing relationship, which will lead us towards a life of well-being and mutual accompaniment.

Remember, nothing is separate, we are integral beings, and our inter-relationships can affect each other. If there is a weakness in any one of them, it will have an impact on the other two.

Contact me, start repairing and strengthening the relationship with yourself, create resources from trust, to have affective, healthy bonds and generate authentic and nourishing relationships.

Thank you,

Leticia Morales