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Here is a blog on why there are so many references to boats on my website.

This is a story that takes me back to my childhood.

I lived in Mexico then. During the heavy rain season there,before the strong showers began to pour, there used to be a great deal of thunderbolt and lightning, with their strong rumbling sounds and intense light that sometimes lasted for a few seconds in the sky for everyone to see.

Two or three blocks away from my house there was a street that went downhill, and its slope allowed a stream to form, which lively raced down just after the rain and lasted for a few minutes. Enough time to make paper sailboats float away… to the sea, I would think.

I did not know the ocean back then.The beach was very far away from home and, being a very big family, my father could only afford to take us all to his hometown- where we all were born – for a couple of weeks in summer, if we were lucky.

Today, every time it rains I go to the window and looking at the magic crystal raindrops splash against it, I recall those magical childhood moments.

When it rained all my siblings and I would fold paper boats to make them float down the “street creek” after the storm.

We would take turns to launch the boats each one of us had made. Every time it was my turn to throw one of the paper boats I had folded, my heart beat with great enthusiasm and joy, for I felt that I was on board one of them.

I would pose a thousand questions to myself at a time. Which one would reach the sea? How? When? What course would it follow to get there?

If I was sailing in one of them, would we both get to our destination in one piece? Or broken? How would I know? There only was one way to find out. One day the answer came to me when I was about to throw one of my paper boats upon the stream. I had to live this. Set sail myself to accomplish that feat.

And I did. Here I am telling you this story. I decided to live my own adventure.To travel a journey of my own, not knowing yet that I was rewriting the story of my life.

You too can rewrite your own story.

Contact me. I am very excited for us to start this journey together.

I hope my work can be useful to you because that is my goal and purpose.


Leticia Morales